Determining The Cost Of Your Dental Implants

Staying healthy is a full time job. Along with eating right, there is also engaging in a myriad of behaviors designed to keep various parts of our body in good condition. Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash are all examples of good behaviors that people use to keep their mouths healthy. More often then not however these behaviors fall by the wayside as the general hustle and bustle of daily life leads us to forget to take good care of our teeth. Because of this, we are at an increased risk of developing problems that will get worse over time.

Thankfully, advancements in oral hygiene, care, and implants have lead to a significantly higher quality of life for people looking to have dental work done. With less time spent in pain and in the office, people are scheduling appointments to have a variety of minor operations done. One of the most popular is dental implants.

Simply put, dental implants include inserting a crown into your jaw via a titanium screw. As the jaw will heal around the screw, you will end up with an incredibly stable tooth. Along with having incredibly high rates of success, dental implants also provide security and peace of mind through their above average quality and ability to blend into a warm smile. While other implant options provide cheaper alternatives, the end results are nowhere near as good.

How much do dental implants cost? That is a very good question. Dental implants cost a great deal if you are paying out of pocket but less if you are savvy in regards to this process. Lets take a look at the underlying costs associated with this procedure.

1. The Consult

The consult will set you back between $100 to $1,000 dollars. While some dentists offer a free consult, others will charge for around an hour of their time. With this consult, you will be made aware of the costs associated with the procedure as well as other medically relevant information.

2. The Baseline Cost

On top of the consulting fee will be the baseline cost. On average, you will pay roughly $6,000 for a single implant, $13,500 for three, and nearly $39,000 for an entire row. Please not that these are averages and that the actual quote can be several thousand dollars in either direction.

3. Your Dentist’s Time

How much does your dentist charge for their time and how much will they charge for the operation? Ultimately, it is up to them how much they will charge you. While this can mean paying a great deal, it can also mean working out a less expensive cost when meeting for the consult.

4. Insurance

Insurance plays the biggest role in whether or not the procedure is affordable. The costs of dental implants may or may not be covered by your provider. If it is covered, then there may be a copay involved. While the copay may be thousands of dollars, it will still be far less then the total price of the operation if you had to pay out of pocket.


Dental Implant Costs… Affordable?

Every year, millions of Americans struggle to afford the care they need to live happy and productive lives. This is especially true when it comes to dental work. It is a common practice for us to hope for the best and try to ignore tooth or gum related problems for as long as possible. However, the longer we ignore these problems, the worse they can get, ultimately requiring more expensive and invasive work down the line.

As dental implant practices continue to improve with better knowhow, research, and advancements in technology, an increasing number of Americans are opting for them. A minimally invasive surgery, dental implants involve inserting an implant consisting of a crown, abutment, and titanium screw into your jaw. As your jaw heals, the tooth strengthens in its place, forming the perfect replacement for a tooth.

While this operation results in the highest quality dental work out there, it is not without its price. There is the cost of creating the implant. As every implant is unique to the person, the cost of dental implants can be prohibitively expensive and time consuming to make. Add to that the costs of surgery, as well as the costs of the dentist’s time, and you are looking at a very pricy bill.

If you are interested in getting dental implants, you may be having a hard time finding information on costs. This is because, generally speaking, the costs are highly variable depending on the dentist and insurance coverage. Despite this variability in cost, lets break down the process to provide for you an estimation of what an average dental implant procedure will cost.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

The first step in this process will be meeting with the dentist for a consult. The consult can range from $100 to $1,000 depending on how much the dentist charges, how well known they are, and their experience with operations like this. The dentist will make you aware of what the operation will entail, what you will need to do, what recovery will look like, and how much the procedure is going to cost.

Without any form of insurance, expect the out of cost expenses to be high. For example, replacing a single tooth with a dental implant can cost on average $6,000. Adding three implants can cost around $13,500 and an entire row of teeth can cost around $39,000. Expect your quote to be within a few thousand dollars of the estimations given above.

Why would people be willing to pay this much for dental implants? Besides being safe and having an incredibly high success rate, dental implants help to restore smiles as well as look authentic. As a result, it is not uncommon for people to try and have their insurance cover some or all of the cost. When looking at a bill in the tens of thousands, many will be more willing to pay high copays on their insurance in order to cut the final bill down.


Considering What Factors Influence The Cost Of Dental Implants

Did you know that 17.5% of children between the ages of 5-19 have untreated dental needs. In addition, are you aware that 27.4% of adults also currently have dental problems that need to be treated?

While it is common to hope for the best and try to ignore dental problems, issues with our teeth and gums becomes far worse if we do not seek treatment for the pain we feel. As the industry continues to expand on reactionary instead of preventative treatment alternatives, people end up spending significantly more money then if they were to see a dentist regularly.

A fantastic preventative car option is dental implants. Along with being a reactionary option if the mouth is in poor condition, you may be at the point in time where having a dental implant is your best option. The only thing standing in your way is the price. So, how much do dental implants cost and how can we better understand what the ultimate cost will be before stepping in the office for that first consult? Lets find out.

Dental Implant Costs Are High

Dental implant costs are high because the surgery is minimally invasive, has a high degree of success, and requires technical expertise on the part of the dentist. With every implant consisting of an implant, abutment, and crown, different aspects of each implant have to be customized to the person, resulting in a lot of costs. In addition, there is the surgery as well that be prohibitively expensive. While the costs may appear high, you have several different options for keeping costs low.

1. Insurance

Making dental implants affordable without some form of insurance is next to impossible. Paying out of pocket for these procedures can set you back tens of thousands of dollars, resulting in significant loss. While it may be rare, some insurance fully covers dental implants. What is more likely is that your insurance will require a copay, and cover everything over that limit. When looking at $30,000+ in work, a copay of $500 is significantly better then paying the full price.

2. Talking Down The Cost Of Operations

Adding a single dental implant can cost between $4,000 to $8,000. Having three dental implants drops the price slightly to between $12,000 to $15,000. If you are looking to have an entire row of teeth added, then you are looking at $28,000 to $50,000. As you can see, the upfront cost is very pricy. However, you might be able to talk down the price of these operations through the consult process with your dentist (which will also cost you.) If your current dentist is charging a lot, then you can always shop around to find a dentist willing to do the work for less. Ultimately, when the difference is thousands of dollars, spending a few days investigating various price schemes can save you big down the road. Until then, just remember that what you are ultimately paying for is quality.